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Our Plantain Salve aids against BITES, BURNS and STINGS. It also helps repels insects and helps heal your skin.


Some even say it temporarily lightens dark spots. It is also a surprisingly good udder balm!

INGREDIENTS: Pesticide free homegrown and handpicked plantain, lavender essential oil,  coconut oil, olive oil and bees wax.

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RED BASIL & lavender SALVE

Our Red Basil Salve is a super skin salve. It can aid to smooth and heal your skin in no time.

INGREDIENTS: Pesticide free homegrown and hand picked red B\basil, lavender essential oil, coconut oil and bees wax.

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This Beard Salve will tame your beard and give it some softness without being sticky. 

Daniel has tested this one out, and he is extremely picky. He has approved the beard salve, so it must be good ;-)

Our ingredients are specially aimed towards hair properties. Each herb is hand picked on the property and quality tested. 

INGREDIENTS: Pesticide free and hand picked herbs from the garden.

Red Basil, Cedar, Lemonbalm, Coconut oil, Shea butter, bees wax and Tea Tree oil. 

and bees wax.



Our Mountain Mint Salve is both soothing and refreshing. It also aids fighting the bugs. Excellent on lips when sore. When applied on face at night, you might wake up with a refreshed feel and reduced dark under eyes.

INGREDIENTS: Pesticide free Mountain Mint, Lavender essential oil, organic cold pressed coconut oil, organic cold processed olive oil and bees wax.


YARROW & Goldenrod SALVE

Our yarrow & goldenrod salve is honestly like putting velvet and silk on your skin. It will not repel as much against insects, but it IS luxurious and will leave your skin happy. It is claimed that yarrow will aid against acne, infection and inflammation and give pain relief. Goldenrod has the rumor of helping wounds to heal, the name itself means "to make whole".

INGREDIENTS: Pesticide free homegrown hand picked yarrow & goldenrod, coconut oil

and bees wax.


PRICES all products:

Small Tin 0.5 oz (15 ml) $3.99

Medium Tin 1 oz (30 ml) $5.99
Large Tin 2 oz 60 ml) $9.99

Postage and TAX not included.

To place order:

We are not doctors...

We just love nature and like to share knowledge about how awesome she is. We believe God made leaves for healing, and we try out all our products on ourselves and others. PLEASE read up on the products before you apply them to check it they might be safe for you to use. Contact us if you have feedback, we appreciate your opinions and suggestions. Also, we love ideas on what to make next. 

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