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GreenHippies has just begun taking the first steps into of what we believe is a platform, that can manifest aspects of The Creators Love, through caring for each other and nature.


What started as merely an idea, that led to a community plan, which again developed into a website, YouTube channel and this online forum now ready to serve people.


We have felt led to share GreenHippies with you as our calling. Our reason and motivation for starting the GreenHippies is to encourage people to focus on Life, Love and Hope, as we believe we all can shine in the Kingdom, from individual to communities.  It’s not just about offering environmentally friendly and socially responsible products, we strive to inform and inspire the global community to embrace a sustainable lifestyle and grow -as hope based individuals.

Lets all give a little more than we take.

Oh,  and yes, this is a free platform. Enjoy!


SHARE with us

Symmorphic GreenHippies

The GreenHippies Community share:

Togetherness, support, hope, basic need independency through knowledge exchange, platforms, exchange portals, community products and work experience exchange (natural building projects etc).


- Join in and share our new YouTube channel 




Our Inspiration

Life is so simple a child can understand it. Our mandate is much inspired from this scene from Joseph: King of Dreams (2000) - Seven Years of Harvest Scene

Also check out our YOUTUBE channels GoForGreenLiving, GreenHippies and Ruts Farm to learn more about us and things we do and make :-) 

Wanna volunteer?

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