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Hi, I am Rut Helen from Ruts Farm. Together with Daniel Smith from GoForGreenLiving, I am a co-founder of My hope is that you will join us and share you're traits, stories and knowledge in what is good and sustainable. This is a free platform where you can share in forums. If the forum is not there, we will put it there. A little BIO about myself: Off Grid'er, investor, hobby broker, grafic designer, art school, potter, farmer, single mom, entrepenour, real estate, fixer upper, philosofer, academic, world wide traveller.

Like all of us, I have known failure and success, both deserved and undeserved. Not giving up when failing will pay off in the right time, belive me. Hang in there if you are not through yet, and if you are through yourself, help to give even more good back to the world, it needs it at this time. I have been homesteading in Norway for 8 years, now OFF GRID with full solar power. I also hosted a succecfull AIRBNB. I have establishe different kinds of small ENTERPRISES, and worked with/established different kinds of organizations. When possible it was also important for me is to receive SOJOURNERS- hosting friends from various places, since I am myself a traveller. Ever since childhood my family and me travelled through Europe almost every summer. My dad was a researcher in unorganich chemistry, so we lived abroad in various locations, one year at a time. Germany from 1-2, USA from 8-9. About 14 I started travelling Northern Europe. And later on I expanded to the mediteranian at 16. After another year in the USA, this time completing my degree in Political Science from Boise State University in Idaho from 2001-2002 (from the age of 29-30). That was a very interesting year... But I loved it, and my kids, too. Highlights have been knowing to get to know Israel. And India. I have seen different cultures during my travels. But all over the world people are the same- they just want to grow in good. Let's give a little more than we take.


Rut Helen

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